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Volvo XC 90 Lääkäriyksikkö ulkoa.


Our key staff worked for several years in various companies in the manufacturing of special vehicles, both together and separate.

Experience and expertise in the field gained, but something was missing … These men with same ideas and values decided to set up a company where the driving force is positive and together hard working mentality.

In the spring of 2008, the J5L-Production Oy story started.
At first, the key persons worked in small garage for 2 vehicles, regardless of the time there were in the clock, and they did not exactly fit the car.

With strong trust and confidence to the business, the company grew silently quietly into modern production facilities in Northern Savo, Finland

Finnish business environment strengthens our company and spirit of working together. Nowdays our operations are more organized than in the small garage, but sense of humour, relying on our strong expertise, we continue our story.

People don’t just come to work, they want to work.

Values and mode of operations

Our values ​​and mode of operations are based on reliability, flexibility, and good team spirit.

We stick to what we promise to our customers, our stakeholders and our staff.
We ensure our reliability in all circumstances by continuously developing our processes and operations.

We are a flexible player, and we are able to fulfill our customers’ special wishes in short and long term.

We create a genuine spirit of mutual respect with each other, and the foundation for our success is genuine interaction with our employees as well as with our customers.